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Carrier Air Curtains Totaline XP-Series

The Carrier XP Series Air Curtains are designed to provide an effective barrier against outdoor air, dust, insects, and other pollutants from entering your commercial or industrial premises. These air curtains create an invisible air stream across the doorway, reducing energy loss and maintaining a consistent temperature inside the building. With a sleek and modern design, the XP Series seamlessly blends into various settings, from shops and offices to warehouses and industrial facilities.

Model: XP -309- 312-Commercial Series:
The Commercial series emphasizes compactness and effectiveness. This space-saving and economical series is suitable for shops, offices and homes. For door height up to 2.5m.

Model: XP -509 -512-Elegance Series:
The Elegance series is a totally new design using Aluminium alloy casing which is durable and rust free. This commercial model is coated with high temperature powder coating. Its sleek design with new look will blend in with the modern design of convention halls, airports, shop fronts and class hotels and restaurants. For door height up to 2.8m

Model: XP -609 -612-Industrial Series:
The Industrial series is designed to cater to heavy workload. Suitable for factories, shops, kitchen and warehouses.For door height up to 3.5m.

Model: XP -809- 812-Heavy Duty Industrial Series:
The heavy duty for workshops. warehouses. For industrial series suitable cold storages and door height up to 6Cm.


More efficient use of energy helps lower your electric bill.
Extremely effective heat Insulation.
Keeps out pollutants hence reduces contamination.
Keeps out Insects without the use of toxic chemicals.
Maintains uniform temperature throughout big room.
No obstacle in doorway, goods transfer fast and convenient.

Carrier Air Curtains Totaline XP-Series (4)

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Carrier Air Curtains Totaline XP-Series | XP-609-612

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