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Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz 38P Series

38P – 50Hz Nominal Cooling Capacity 1.5 – 5.0 Tons HFC R-410A Refrigerant

The 38P Series from Saudi Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company is a line of high-performance, energy-efficient split condensing units designed specifically for high ambient environments. These units are engineered to provide reliable cooling for residential and light commercial applications.

Every compact one-piece 38P unit arrives fully assembled, pre-charged with Puron® R-410A refrigerant, tested, and ready to run right out of the box. The sleek horizontal airflow design, coupled with the small footprint, allows installation within just 8 inches (200 mm) of an outside wall, on a roof, balcony, or deck without obstructing space.

The 38P Series offers a wide range of nominal sizes from 1.5 tons to 5.0 tons to meet diverse cooling needs. These units can be combined with a variety of evaporator coils and blower packages for quiet and dependable comfort.

With its innovative design, energy efficiency, and robust construction, the 38P Series split condensing units from Saudi Air Conditioning Manufacturing Company offer a reliable and cost-effective cooling solution for residential and light commercial applications.

Key Features:

High Energy Efficiency: With an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 12.1, the 38P Series delivers exceptional energy savings.
Compact and Versatile Design: The units' small footprint and horizontal airflow enable installation in tight spaces while ensuring proper airflow.
Easy Installation and Service: A single panel provides quick access to the isolated compressor and control compartment for convenient service and maintenance.
Secure Operation: Outdoor and indoor units are connected only by refrigerant piping and wiring, preventing intruders from crawling through ductwork and enhancing security.
Built-in Reliability: Equipped with standard safety features like high-pressure and low-pressure switches, the 38P Series ensures high performance and lasting reliability under demanding conditions.
Durable Construction: The galvanized steel cabinet is bonderized and finished with a powder-coated enamel for superior corrosion resistance and lasting protection.
External Service Valves: Brass, front-seating service valves with flare connections are externally located for easy access and refrigerant pressure checks.
Flexible Installation Options: Units can be wall-mounted, pad-mounted, roof-mounted, or installed on or under a deck or patio, providing versatile placement options.

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz 38P Series (6)

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 1.5 Ton | 38PKC18DS70

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 2.0 Ton | 38PKC24DS70

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 2.5 Ton | 38PKS30DS70

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 3.0 Ton | 38PKS36DS90

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 4.0 Ton | 38PKS48DS90

Carrier Condensing Units – 50Hz | 5.0 Ton | 38PKS60DS90