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Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil Unit 42TKS Series

42TKS (50 Hz) Direct Expansion Fan Coil R410A Refrigerant Sizes 018 thru 060

The Carrier 42TKS is a direct expansion fan coil unit designed specifically for under-ceiling installation in hot and humid environments. It provides efficient cooling using the environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant.

These fan coil units come fully assembled and factory-tested, ready to run right out of the box. The compact one-piece design allows for easy installation in false ceilings with limited space.

The casing is constructed from galvanized steel to protect against rust and corrosion. The internal sections are insulated with 6mm thick, 50kg/m3 density NBR closed cell foam insulation for energy efficiency.

The drain pan is polyester powder coated on both sides and insulated outside to prevent condensation buildup. This improves indoor air quality and extends the product life.

The coils feature seamless copper tubes and aluminum fins mechanically bonded together for superior heat transfer. The coils use a grooved tube and louvered fin design optimized for all Carrier air conditioners.

The fan assembly uses a metallic double inlet, forward curved blower wheel directly driven by a permanently lubricated 3-speed motor with internal overload protection.

The control board includes an integrated thermostat with cool, dry, fan, and auto modes. It also has compressor protection features like anti-short cycle timers.

So in summary, the 42TKS provides a robust, compact, and feature-rich under-ceiling fan coil solution optimized for efficiency and air quality in harsh environments.


Key Features:


  • Compact height of 275-375mm to fit low false ceilings.
  • Polyester powder coated and insulated drain pan.
  • Seamless copper tube and aluminum fin coils.
  • Metallic double inlet forward curved blower.
  • 3-speed permanently lubricated fan motor.
  • Galvanized steel casing resists corrosion.
  • 6mm, 50kg/m3 closed cell foam insulation.
  • Wired integrated thermostat control.
  • Multiple modes like cool, dry, fan, auto.
  • Refrigerant metering devices included.
  • Washable aluminum air filter included.
  • Left or right-side refrigerant connections (field interchangeable).
  • Low sound levels as low as 38 dBA.
  • Sizes from 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling capacity.

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil Unit 42TKS Series (8)

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 5.0 Ton | 42TKS060

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 4.0 Ton | 42TKS048

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 3.5 Ton | 42TKS042

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 3.0 Ton | 42TKS037

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 3.0 Ton | 42TKS036

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 2.5 Ton | 42TKS030

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 2.0 Ton | 42TKS024

Carrier Direct Expansion Fan Coil | 1.5 Ton | 42TKS018