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Carrier Inverter High Wall Unit 42HVB Series

Inverter High Wall Unit 42HVB/38HVB With Non-ozone Depleting Refrigerant (R-410a)

The Carrier 42HVB/38HVB Inverter High Wall Units are split air conditioning systems designed for residential and commercial applications. These units utilize an inverter compressor and environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant to provide efficient cooling and heating performance.

The indoor units feature a sleek high-wall design that can be mounted on the wall for optimal air distribution. They come equipped with multiple fan speed settings, including an Auto mode and a powerful Hi-Power mode that rapidly cools or heats the room without excessive noise.

The outdoor condensing units are designed for reliable operation and easy maintenance. They employ a rotary compressor and can be installed with extended refrigerant piping lengths of up to 30 meters, making them suitable for various installation scenarios.

With their energy-efficient design, advanced features, and versatile installation options, the Carrier 42HVB/38HVB Inverter High Wall Units offer an excellent solution for residential and commercial air conditioning needs.

Key Features:

Inverter Technology: The inverter compressor adjusts cooling and heating output to match the required load, resulting in significant energy savings.
Multiple Fan Speeds: The indoor units offer 5 fan speed settings, plus Auto and Hi-Power modes, allowing users to customize airflow and comfort levels.
Hi-Power Mode: This mode provides rapid cooling or heating without excessive noise, making it ideal for quickly adjusting the room temperature.
Swing Fix Louver: Users can direct the airflow as desired or set the louver to swing for even air distribution.
Wired Remote Control Connectivity: The units offer the option for wired remote control operation, ideal for environments where wireless signals are prohibited.
Timer and Preset Settings: The 24-hour timer and preset settings allow users to schedule and automate the operation for added convenience.
Self-Cleaning Function: The indoor units feature a self-cleaning cycle that reduces moisture and helps prevent mold formation.
Aqua Resin Coated Coil: The coil is coated with aqua resin, preventing water/oil buildup and minimizing dust accumulation for easier maintenance.
Quiet Operation: At low fan speeds, the indoor units operate at noise levels as low as 37 dBA for a quiet and comfortable environment.
Wide Operating Range: These units can operate in cooling mode up to 54°C and in heating mode down to -15°C, ensuring reliable performance in various climatic conditions.

Carrier Inverter High Wall Unit 42HVB Series (3)

Carrier Inverter High Wall Unit | 2.1 Tons | 42HVBS030-703AE

Carrier Inverter High Wall Unit | 1.8 Tons | 42HVBS024-703AE

Carrier Inverter High Wall Unit | 1.5 Tons | 42HVBS018-703AE