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Daikin Decor Inverter FTKM Series

Daikin Decor Inverter Cutting-edge technology, inspired by local needs

The Daikin FTKM-PVMK LR series are high-performance inverter split air conditioning units designed specifically for the extreme heat conditions of the Middle East region. These cooling only units utilize the environmentally-friendly R-32 refrigerant which has a lower global warming potential than traditional refrigerants.

What sets these units apart is their exceptional cooling capacity, even at very high ambient temperatures up to 52°C. The units can deliver the same cooling power at 46°C as a standard system provides at just 35°C. This powerful cooling performance is achieved through a combination of advanced technologies including the inverter compressor, optimal heat exchanger design, and the thermodynamic properties of R-32 refrigerant.

Despite their powerful cooling abilities, the FTKM-PVMK LR units are highly energy efficient, consuming up to 50% less energy than non-inverter systems throughout the entire year. This is due to the inverter's ability to precisely adjust compressor speed and cooling output to match the required load. The units exceed the most stringent energy efficiency regulations in the region.

In addition to their environmental credentials and cooling prowess, these Daikin units also provide superb air distribution, air quality, and quiet operation for optimal indoor comfort.

Key Features:

- Uses R-32 refrigerant with lower global warming potential and zero ozone depletion
- Able to maintain full rated cooling capacity even at 46°C ambient temperatures 
- Inverter technology optimizes partial load operation for maximum seasonal efficiency
- Quick cooling - up to 1.5x faster than traditional systems even in high ambient conditions
- High energy efficiency ratings exceeding regional codes (ESMA, QSASO, EWA)
- 3D auto air swing for optimum wide airflow distribution 
- Titanium apatite air filter captures microorganisms while breaking down odors
- Intelligent sensors like Intelligent Eye and Econo mode enhance efficiency
- Whisper quiet sound levels as low as 32 dBA
- Elegant design with wireless remote control
- Outdoor unit protected by anti-corrosion treatment
- Integration possible with Daikin control management systems

With their unique blend of cooling power, environmental-friendliness, and energy-saving features tailored for the Middle East climate, the FTKM-PVMK LR series provides an exceptional air conditioning solution.

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