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Experience Ultimate Comfort with Fujitsu General's Wall-Mounted Split Systems in the UAE

Discover Fujitsu General's innovative unified chassis split systems designed for sleek aesthetics and optimal performance in the UAE's climate.

Introducing Fujitsu General's Wall Mounted Split Systems – engineered for maximum comfort, energy efficiency and reliability in the challenging UAE climate. With our innovative unified chassis design and superior performance, our air conditioning units are more than just air conditioners – they are lifestyle solutions that cater to you and your home's specific needs.

  • Sleek Design for a Modern Home
    Our wall mounted split systems boast a sleek and unified chassis design, ensuring a stylish look that blends seamlessly with your interior decor. Embrace the future of home air conditioning with Fujitsu General's cutting-edge design.
  • Optimal Performance in the UAE Climate
    Fujitsu General understands the unique challenges of the UAE climate. That's why our wall mounted split systems are equipped with energy-efficient technologies, ensuring optimal performance in even the harshest conditions. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings with our state-of-the-art air conditioning solutions.
  • User-Friendly Controls & Innovative Features
    Control your Fujitsu General wall mounted split system with ease, thanks to our user-friendly remote and Wi-Fi control options. Enjoy quick access to your favorite settings and stay informed with real-time temperature and humidity information. Plus, our advanced air-purifying filters ensure enhanced air quality for a comfortable, healthy living environment.
  • Trusted by Customers Across the UAE
    Join countless delighted customers in the UAE who have experienced the Fujitsu General difference. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring complete satisfaction and peace of mind throughout your ownership journey.

Upgrade your home's comfort today with Fujitsu General's Wall Mounted Split Systems. Built for the UAE climate, our unified chassis design delivers unparalleled style, efficiency and performance. Don't wait any longer – contact your nearest Fujitsu General dealer and take the first step towards a more comfortable, stylish and energy-efficient home.



O General Split AC Range

OGeneral's diverse air conditioning product range offers six high-performance models to cater to a variety of cooling needs. The ASGA18FUTD-UZ and ASGA18FUTB-UZ units are perfect for efficient and reliable cooling in smaller spaces. For larger areas, the powerful ASGA24FUTD-UZ and ASGA24FUTB-UZ models deliver optimum temperature control with remarkable energy savings. For even more spacious environments or commercial applications, the ASGA30FUTA-UZ and ASGA36FUTA-UZ models provide exceptional cooling capabilities, while the ASGA36FETA-UZ model stands out with its advanced energy-saving features. Choose OGeneral for quality air conditioning solutions that provide maximum comfort and cooling efficiency.



Fujitsu General's Wall Mounted Split Systems

Fujitsu General's Wall Mounted Split Systems (7)

O'General Split AC 3 ton | ASGA36FETA-UZ | 36000Btu

O'General Split AC 2 ton | ASGA24FUTB-UZ | 24000Btu

O'General Split AC 1.5 ton | ASGA18FUTB-UZ | 18000Btu

O'General Split AC 3 ton | ASGA36FUTA-UZ | 36000Btu

O'General Split AC 2.5 ton | ASGA30FUTA-UZ | 30000Btu

O'General Split AC 2 ton | ASGA24FUTD-UZ | 24000Btu

O'General Split AC 1.5 ton | ASGA18FUTD-UZ | 18000Btu