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Hisense Ducted Inverter UTX2 Series

Hisense Ducted Inverter UTX2 Series High-Efficiency Air conditioning Systems

This line of ducted inverter air conditioning systems offers advanced inverter technology for optimal cooling performance and energy efficiency. The systems consist of an indoor unit designed for discreet installation and an outdoor unit built for durability and weather resistance.

The indoor units are sleek and compact, with dimensions ranging from 900x720x270mm to 1400x858x420mm, making them suitable for various residential and commercial spaces. They feature multi-speed fans and adjustable air flow rates, allowing you to customize the indoor air circulation and comfort levels.

The outdoor units are robustly constructed and equipped with either rotary or GMCC (Guangzhou Matsushita Compressor) compressors, ensuring reliable and long-lasting operation. The outdoor units utilize the environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant and are designed for easy installation, with pre-charged refrigerant lines and drainage pipe connections.

With their advanced inverter technology, wide range of cooling capacities, quiet operation, easy installation, compact design, durable construction, and environmentally friendly operation, these ducted inverter air conditioning systems offer a comprehensive solution for residential and commercial cooling needs.

Key Features:

Inverter Technology: The systems employ advanced inverter technology, which adjusts the compressor speed to match the cooling demand, resulting in optimal performance and energy savings.
Wide Range of Cooling Capacities: With cooling capacities ranging from 18,000 BTU/h to 59,000 BTU/h, this line of air conditioners can cater to various cooling requirements, from small residential spaces to large commercial establishments.
Quiet Operation: Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed for low noise levels, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable environment. The indoor noise levels range from 35 dB(A) to 58 dB(A), while the outdoor noise levels are typically around 56-60 dB(A).
Easy Installation: The systems are designed with easy installation in mind, featuring pre-charged refrigerant lines and drainage pipe connections, making the installation process more efficient and convenient.
Compact and Discreet Design: The sleek and compact indoor units allow for discreet installation, blending seamlessly with the interior décor while providing efficient cooling.
Durable Construction: The outdoor units are built with robust construction, featuring weather-resistant casings and reliable compressors, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh outdoor conditions.
Environmentally Friendly: The use of the R410A refrigerant contributes to an eco-friendly operation, minimizing the environmental impact of the air conditioning systems.

Hisense Ducted Inverter UTX2 Series (5)

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