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Meet the Nest Learning Thermostat

Finally, a digital thermostat with a big sharp display LCD and high-tech design connects with your smartphone and tablet; furthermore, it programs itself and learns your temperature choices.

Outstanding Features:

  • The energy history function allows you to check your cooling history.
  • Energy History.
  • Nest thermostat contains below sensors:
    • Temperature, Humidity, Near-field activity, Far-field activity, Ambient light.
    • The Nest green leaf program guides and help you to choose the right temperature that saves energy.
    • Setup temperature change alerts to your smartphone, tablet, or device.




Buy one of our Nest thermostats to keep your house cool

Save money on energy bills and keep cool with the Nest thermostat.

During the hotter months, one of the last things you want to experience is coming home to a stuffy house because your thermostat can't keep your room cool. You don't want to waste money by constantly turning on the air conditioner when you're out and about. With a Nest thermostat, you can set specific programs throughout the day to keep you comfortable.





Nest Thermostat Supply & Installation

Nest Thermostat Supply & Installation Service in Dubai

The Smart Learning A/C Thermostat with an Elegant Design That Learns the Temperature You Like

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