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SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series

SKM Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for Commercial spaces, Warehouses, Schools, Mosques, Power Plants, Substations

The SKM APMR series packaged air conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the extreme demands of the Gulf's severe climatic conditions. Built for heavy-duty outdoor installation on rooftops or at ground level, these robust units deliver reliable cooling power for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications including warehouses, schools, mosques, power plants, substations, and more.

Available in a wide range of capacities from 10.17 tons up to a massive 24.87 tons, the APMR series provides an ideal solution for virtually any large cooling requirement. Multiple models are offered with different combinations of high-efficiency hermetic scroll compressors or semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.

Key Features:

- High-efficiency sealed hermetic scroll compressors
- Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors available on some models
- Proven performance and reliable operation

- Heavy-duty copper tube and aluminum fin evaporator and condenser coils
- Optimized coil designs for long operating life and maintenance-free performance  
- Thicker tubing and fins than standard units for extreme ruggedness and longevity

Fan Systems
- Propeller-style condenser fans directly driven by totally enclosed IP-55 Class F

insulated motors
- Centrifugal evaporator fans with belt drives and totally enclosed IP-55 Class F motors

Refrigerant Circuit  
- Complete refrigerant piping circuit including filter drier and thermostatic or electronic

expansion valves
- Compatible with multiple refrigerants like R-410A, R-407C, and R-134a

- Durable electrostatic polyester powder-coated casings 
- Tested to withstand 1000 hours of 5% salt spray per ASTM B117 standards
- Resists corrosion in coastal environments

- IP-54 rated control panel with electronic microprocessor controls
- Manages all starting, operating conditions, and safety protections  
- Single or two-stage cooling thermostats for temperature control

- 380-415V/3Ph/50Hz electrical operation 

Environmentally Conscious
- Uses environmentally-friendly chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant
- Expected 20-30 year service life 

- Designed, rated, and certified to AHRI, ASHRAE, ESMA, SASO standards

Easy Installation 
- Each unit is completely assembled, wired, and charged at the factory  
- Only connections needed on site are ductwork and electrical power

The SKM APMR series packaged units combine advanced components and robust construction to provide a reliable self-contained cooling solution able to withstand punishing Gulf conditions year after year. With a wide range of capacities and options, there is an APMR model perfectly suited for any large-scale commercial or industrial air conditioning need.

SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series (4)

SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series | 25.0 Ton | APMR-52300G1Y

SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series | 20.0 Ton | APMR-52240G1Y

SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series | 15.0 Ton | APMR-52180G1Y

SKM Packaged Air Conditioner APMR Series | 10.0 Ton | APMR-51120G1Y